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Electrical Contractors Rochdale

Electrical Contractors Rochdale
Commercial Electricians

Our Expert NICEIC and ECA electricians in Rochdale and the Manchester area.

Commercial Electrician Rochdale, your local expert electrical contractors.

Electrical Contractors Rochdale ECA
Electrical Contractors Rochdale NICEIC

Commercial Electrician Rochdale, professional Electrical Contractors Rochdale

Expertise: We are your local expert Electrical Contractors Rochdale boasting years of experience in commercial installations, handling projects of any scale with ease.

Compliance: With NICEIC Approved and ECA Accredited status, our Electrical Contractors' installations are fully compliant, ensuring reliability and safety.

Custom Solutions: Tailoring solutions to your unique needs, our Electrical Contractors guarantees optimal performance and efficiency for your business.

Reliability: With a proven track record, our Electrical Contractors Rochdale consistently delivers dependable installations, contributing to the success of businesses in the Rochdale and Manchester area

Efficiency: Our efficient project management, executed by skilled Electrical Contract managers, minimizes disruption to your operations, ensuring timely completion without sacrificing quality.

Safety: Paramount in every project, our professional electricians prioritize safety measures to protect your employees, customers, and property.

Customer Satisfaction: Our client-focused approach, led by our dedicated Electrical experts. We ensure clear communication, transparency, and exceptional service from first contact to project finish.

Consultation and Advisory Services: from your Electrical Contractors Rochdale

Benefit from our Consultation and Advisory Services, where experienced Electrical Contractors Rochdale deliver thorough guidance on installation, safety, compliance, and efficiency. Leveraging our extensive experience and expertise, we offer expert advice to empower informed decision-making across all facets of electrical systems.

Whether you seek support with safety assessments, compliance audits, or efficiency enhancements, our team stands ready to provide personalized solutions addressing your unique requirements. Rely on Commercial Electrician Rochdale for expert guidance that guarantees the optimal performance and safety of your electrical installations.

NICEIC Approved Electrical Contractors

Electrical Certificates and Compliance

Comprehensive Maintenance Contracts

Electrical Repairs and Remediation

Electrical Installation Condition Reports 

Electrical Test and Inspection

Local Electrical Contractors Rochdale

Complete Electrical Design Services

Electrical Contractor Rochdale

What services do you offer at Commercial Electricians Rochdale ?

We offer a comprehensive range of electrical contractor services, including electrical installations, NICEIC testing and inspection, LED lighting solutions, energy-saving consultations, and more. Our goal is to provide complete local electrical services for businesses in Rochdale and around Manchester.

Why should I choose NICEIC approved electrical contractors ?

NICEIC approval signifies that we meet high industry standards for safety and quality.

It demonstrates our commitment to compliance with regulations, ensuring that your electrical systems are safe and reliable.

What does NICEIC Approved mean for our services ?

Being "NICEIC Approved" signifies that our electricians meet the rigorous standards set by the NICEIC, ensuring high-quality work, safety, and compliance in our expert electrical contracting services.

Electrical Safety and Compliance

All our Commercial Electrical Contractors are qualified to carry out Electrical Installation, Maintenance and Repair works for the Industrial and Commercial market.

In accordance with The 18th edition IEE wiring regulations BS 7671:2018, we also comply with Health & Safety regulations set out under the Electricity at Works Act 1989.

400 Volt Power for Industrial Machines
230 volt Power and lighting systems
LED Lighting Conversion and Installation
Emergency lighting systems
NICEIC Test and Inspection
Electrical installation Condition Reports (EICR)
Emergency lighting Certification
Fire Alarm Certification

Expert Electrical Contractors Rochdale

Commercial Electricians Rochdale

Full Expert Electrical Installations including design, installation and maintenance Rewires including partial rewires and upgrades Fusebox & Consumer Units installations and upgrades Full NICEIC Testing - Inspections - Certification Lighting - mains voltage - low voltage - downlights - LED Sockets and Light installation and fault finding Additional Sockets and Lighting Electrical Reports - Electrical Certificates Power To Out Buildings Security and Flood Lighting Ventilation Systems - HVAC - Extractor Fans Smoke Alarms - Fire Alarms Computer Networks Power and Data Single Phase Transformers Three Phase Transformers Pad Mounted Transformers Cable Management - Conduits - Trunking Full Electrical Check and NICEIC Certification Reactive Electrical Maintenance Comprehensive Electrical Maintenance Contracts Lighting systems and SMART Controls Emergency Escape Lighting Systems Power Distribution 400v - 230v Mains distribution 400v - 230v Construction Site Power Distribution - 110v Electrical Refurbishments and Alterations Periodic Inspections and Commercial EICR Retail Electrical Installations Commercial Electrical Contractors Rochdale Industrial Electrical Contractors Rochdale

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