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Commercial Electrician Rochdale
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Welcome to Commercial Electrician Rochdale. Expert NICEIC and ECA electricians in Rochdale and Manchester area.

Electrical Installation, Energy Saving & Certification

Electrical Installations

We cover all types of electrical work, including design, installation, commissioning and maintence.


The complete package for all your installation needs by local Rochdale Electricians.

What is an Electrical Installation

 An electrical installation is a structured system comprising electrical components, wiring, and devices. It serves to deliver electrical power and services, encompassing elements like wiring networks, distribution panels, switches, outlets, and lighting fixtures.


 These installations are meticulously designed and installed in compliance with safety codes and standards, ensuring the safe and dependable distribution of electricity in various settings.

 At Commercial Electrician Rochdale our local NICEIC approved and ECA Accredited electricians are qualified to carry out maintenance, repair and installation works, for our commercial customers.


 All work is carried out in accordance with 17th edition IEE wiring regulations BS 7671:2018, and comply with Health & Safety regulations under the Electricity at Works Regulations 1989.


 Our bespoke service is designed to work around your business. Outside your business working hours if required, at very little extra cost.

 We  have more than 30 years experience as professional and reputable electricians in and around Rochdale and the Greater Manchester area.

Energy Saving

We carry out new LED installations and LED conversions.

Home & Office EV Charging stations. Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels and battery storage.

Smart Energy Management (SEM) systems

What is Energy Saving

 Energy saving is the deliberate practice of reducing energy consumption through efficient technologies and strategies. It aims to minimize waste and environmental impact while achieving cost savings.


 This includes adopting energy-efficient appliances, optimizing insulation, and implementing renewable energy sources and management techniques to promote sustainability and lower utility costs.

 LED lights have many advantages compared with conventional lights including low maintenance, energy efficiency, easy installation and vivid colours making LED lighting the solution to many previous design restrictions.


 A Smart Energy Management (SEM) system is one such enabling technology that is leveraging the connectivity that the Internet of Things (IoT) brings to track, measure, control, and optimizes energy consumption throughout the building or office complexes.

 Electric Vehicles will soon out sell vehicles that use fossil fuels. EV Chargers are needed to supply this demand, home or office Commercial Electricians Rochdale can help.

NICEIC Test & Inspection

Commercial Electrician Rochdale are NICEIC & ECA Approved Contractors.


Which means we can inspect your premises and offer a full EICR report, with BS 7671 compliance.

What is NICEIC Test and Inspection.

 NICEIC test and inspection is a thorough assessment carried out by certified inspectors to ensure the safety and compliance of electrical installations. Certified by your NICEIC Approved electrician Rochdale.


 It verifies that electrical systems meet industry standards and regulations, providing property owners with a detailed report on necessary repairs or improvements to enhance safety and efficiency, an EICR.

 We are your local Rochdale electricians, we can cover all your reports and paperwork. We can also carry out electrical maintenance to existing buildings, this includes inspection & testing reports (EICR).


 Commercial Electricians Rochdale will carry out an electrical survey, known as an EICR which will reveal if electrical circuits are overloaded, find potential hazards in the installation, identify defective work, highlight any lack of earthling or bonding and carry out tests on the fixed wiring.


 The report will establish the overall condition of all the electrics and state whether it is satisfactory for continued use, and will detail any work that might need to be done.

Phil (Director) in Stalybridge 

Stewart and the guys, refitted the lighting in my unit with Modern LED Lighting. They did a great job, and should save me a small fortune replacing the old Halogen and strip lighting.
Five Gold Stars

Sarah Donlon MWP

Great company, I would highly recommend!
Five Gold Stars

Home Cooking Hacks (Owner)

On time, everything as promised. Great Job!!
Five Gold Stars

M Birley in Bury

My problem was solved by Ken, he was very friendly and helpful. I will keep his number in case of any further problems. Thank you for the prompt and efficient service
Five Gold Stars

Some of the Testimonials from our Clients


Contact us for a FREE energy survey 

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  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Switchgear Preventative Maintenance

  • Electrical Thermography

  • Transfer switch maintenance repair and replace

  • Electrical Troubleshooting services

  • LED Lighting

  • Ballast Lamps

  • Commercial EICR Reports

  • Commercial Wiring

  • Communication conduit install

  • Solar PV Installation

  • NICEIC Certification

  • Escape Route Lighting Systems

  • Exit Lighting Systems

  • Existing Lighting Retrofit

  • Generator Installations

  • GFCI (Ground fault circuit interrupt) installation and repairs

  • Commercial and Industrial LED Lighting

  • Electrical Control Wiring

  • Electrical Inspections EICR

  • Emergency Electrical Service

  • Emergency Exit Lighting

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Fixed Term Electrical Maintenance Contracts

Opting for a fixed-term electrical maintenance contract presents businesses with a host of benefits, beginning with the certainty of fixed costs that streamline budgeting and foster financial stability. This proactive strategy not only prioritizes safety for both staff and the public but also ensures unwavering compliance with electrical standards and regulations.

With the supervision of NICEIC Approved electricians, businesses can rely on the proficiency and professionalism of certified experts, offering a comprehensive solution for continual electrical safety and performance. Our range includes flexible 1, 3, and 5 Year Electrical Maintenance contracts to cater to diverse business needs. Give your local electrician Rochdale a call

LED saves up to 90% of energy

By changing from Halogen Flood lights to LED Floods on your building you can save up to 90% on Lighting Energy. This also reduces maintenance costs. It will also reflect your company identity and enhances exterior areas, giving staff and customers a much clearer environment to be safe in.

Meeting Room

EICR - Electrical Installation Condition Report A Domestic Periodic Inspection or Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is a thorough examination of an existing electrical fixed wiring installation. It aims to pinpoint any deficiencies against the national safety standard for electrical installations, prioritizing issues based on their urgency. This inspection entails a meticulous check of the fixed electrical wiring circuits within a property to ensure their safety and optimal performance. The resulting report provides a comprehensive overview of detected defects and evaluates the electrical system's performance against the UK safety standards for electrical installations, as outlined in BS 7671:2008 (IEE Wiring Regulations 17th Edition). The Electrical Installation Condition Report highlights areas where the installation falls short of the standard, attributing it to factors such as poor workmanship, aging materials, or other causes. Additionally, the report includes a list of recommended repairs or actions necessary to rectify any safety concerns or bring the installation up to standard. For further information, please visit our contact page, leave your details, and we'll be more than happy to assist you. Call you local electrician Rochdale on: 0161 507 8563

Commercial Electrician niceic

Commercial Electrical Services

Our NICEIC-approved electricians specialize in a wide range of commercial installations. Whether it's schools, colleges, universities, offices, warehouses, factories, hotels, or shops, Commercial Electrician Rochdale NICEIC - has got you covered.

Certification and Compliance

We offer comprehensive electrical NICEIC certification services to ensure compliance and safety. This includes Periodic Inspection Reports (EICR), Electrical Danger Notifications, Minor Works Certifications, Electrical Installation Certifications, Emergency Lighting Certifications, and Fire Alarm Certifications. Certified by your local electrician Rochdale

Electrical Installation Services

Our expert team is equipped to handle various electrical installations, including 3-phase installations, distribution boards, cable management systems, and cable installations. We're your trusted source for NICEIC-approved lighting, power, and emergency lighting installations.

Whether you're in need of reliable local electrical installations, certification, or compliance services, at Commercial Electrician Rochdale we're here to meet your commercial electrical needs.

Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICRs): Thorough Safety and Compliance Evaluations Conducting extensive assessments of existing electrical installations, our Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICRs) ensure the highest standards of safety and compliance are maintained. Certified by your NICEIC Approved Electrician Rochdale.

Electrical Testing: Validating Functionality and Ensuring Safety Our Electrical Testing services involve rigorous validation of electrical systems, identifying issues, ensuring functionality, and prioritizing safety for seamless operations.

NICEIC Certificate: Industry-Approved Electrical Certification We provide NICEIC-approved electrical certificates, a testament to our compliance with industry standards and commitment to delivering top-tier electrical solutions from Commercial Electricians Rochdale.

Commercial EICR: Tailored Inspections for Commercial and Industrial Properties Specialized inspections designed for commercial and industrial properties, our Commercial EICRs prioritize safety and compliance, addressing the unique needs of diverse business environments. Certified by your NICEIC Approved Electrician Rochdale.

Emergency Lighting Testing: Ensuring Safety and Compliance of Emergency Lighting Systems Our Emergency Lighting Testing services include thorough assessments and NICEIC certification to guarantee the safety and compliance of emergency lighting systems. From you local Rochdale electricians

Fire Alarm Testing: Evaluating and Certifying Optimal Fire Safety We conduct meticulous evaluations of fire alarm systems, providing NICEIC certificates to ensure these critical safety components function as intended.

Data Cabling Certification: Ensuring Precision and Industry Compliance Our Data Cabling Certification services focus on verifying correct installations and adherence to industry standards for seamless data connectivity.

Periodic Inspection and Testing: Sustaining Safety and Compliance Over Time Regular assessments of electrical installations ensure ongoing safety and compliance, reinforcing the longevity and reliability of electrical systems.

Electrical Repairs and Remediation: Swift Identification and Resolution of Electrical Faults Identifying and rectifying electrical faults promptly, our Electrical Repairs and Remediation services prioritize continuous safety and functionality. Certified by your NICEIC Approved Electrician Rochdale.

Energy Efficiency Audits: Strategies for Enhanced Electrical Efficiency Our Energy Efficiency Audits assess electrical systems, providing recommendations for improvements that contribute to overall energy efficiency.

Thermal Imaging Surveys: Advanced Detection of Electrical Issues Using cutting-edge thermal imaging technology, our surveys identify potential electrical issues such as overheating or faults for proactive resolution.

Risk Assessments: Holistic Evaluations for Hazard Mitigation Conducting thorough risk assessments, we identify potential hazards in electrical systems and develop strategies to mitigate risks effectively from your NICEIC local electrician Rochdale

Consultation and Advisory Services: Expert Guidance on Safety, Compliance, and Efficiency Offering expert advice, our Consultation and Advisory Services cover various aspects of electrical safety, compliance, and efficiency for informed decision-making.

Documentation and Compliance Management: Assistance in Regulatory Compliance We support clients in maintaining accurate records and documentation, ensuring seamless compliance with regulatory standards, all by an NICEIC Approved Rochdale electrician

Maintenance Contracts: Long-Term Reliability and Safety Assurance Our Maintenance Contracts offer ongoing services to ensure the sustained reliability and safety of electrical systems over the long term.

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