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Our Environmental Policy at Commercial Electricians

At Commercial Electricians Manchester we believe that sustainable practices are not only a responsibility but a fundamental aspect of how we operate.

We are proud to present our Environmental Policy, a testament to our commitment to a greener future. In an era where environmental consciousness is paramount, we recognize the significance of our role as a commercial electrical contractor.

Through this policy, we aim to demonstrate how our actions align with our values, showcasing our dedication to reducing our carbon footprint, promoting energy efficiency, and fostering a culture of sustainability. 

Some choices cost money, some choices do not. If our green policy inspires you a little, maybe try to implement them too.

For us it all starts at home, Our Offices.

Clear Water Lake

Energy Usage:

 A commitment to sustainability starts at our home.

 In our offices, we've embraced energy efficiency by upgrading to LED lighting,


Motion sensors ensure that lights are active only when needed, reducing wasted energy.

 We have smart thermostats to efficiently manage heating and cooling systems

Appliance Choices:

Our choice of Energy Star-rated office equipment and encouraging power-saving settings further minimizes energy consumption.

Energy Policies:

 Our computers are off when not in use, and screens go into standby after a couple of minutes of idle time.

 Printers and copiers have short sleep timers.

Green Procurement:

 When purchasing office supplies, we prioritize products made from recycled materials and Seek out eco-friendly vendors and products that have third-party sustainability certifications.

Paperless Operations:

 Transition to a near paperless office by digitizing documents,  encouraging digital communication and file sharing. This reduces paper waste, printer energy usage, and the environmental impact of paper production.

Flexible Work:

 Promote remote work options and flexible schedules for our office employees when feasible. Reduced commuting results in lower energy consumption and less traffic congestion,

Recycling Stations:

 We have established recycling stations throughout our offices, making it easy for employees to separate paper, plastic, glass, and other recyclables from general waste.

Paperless Documents:


 Armed with tablets and mobile devices, our engineers efficiently record measurements, capture images, and document project progress digitally. 


Upholding our dedication to eco-friendly practices.

Recycling of site waste:

 Properly dispose of recyclable materials generated during work, such as cardboard packaging, aluminium cans, and plastic containers. Cabling and wires are returned to our offices to be recycled.

Vehicle Sharing:

 Our mobile engineers, fostering sustainable practices in every aspect of their work. Through coordinated ride-sharing, they pool their transportation resources, Three engineers on site? One vehicle not three!

Environmental Awareness:


 Educating colleagues about the importance of energy efficiency and environmental conservation, encouraging them to adopt similar practices.   All working towards the same goal.

Just to add...

Good energy management is obviously good for our, or indeed any business and makes sense to keep running costs down, but it's so much more than that, it's about future generations, it's about appreciating what we have and nurturing it. 


We firmly believe that every small action counts when it comes to safeguarding our planet. Just as each wire contributes to a larger electrical system, our individual efforts collectively shape a greener future for generations to come.  


From the electricians on our team to the clients we serve, we're all part of a broader ecosystem where our choices resonate beyond the present moment. By turning off lights, conserving energy, and embracing sustainable practices, we're not just fulfilling a policy – we're becoming advocates for change. 

This Environmental Policy will evolve over time.
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