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Commercial Electricians Salford NICEIC Approved Contractor

Commercial Electricians Salford. Expert NICEIC electricians in Salford and Manchester area.

NICEIC Approved Electricians & ECA Accredited

Industrial LED Lighting Salford


From Eco lighting to the installation of new lighting controls, Commercial Electricians Salford are able to install new lighting systems (or retrofit them) into your business.

LED Lighting can saving up to 90% on lighting costs.

3 phase cables

3-Phase Distribution

A three-phase circuit provides greater power density than a traditional single-phase circuit at the same amperage, keeping wiring size and costs lower. In addition, three-phase power makes it easier to balance loads, minimizing harmonic currents and the need for large neutral wires.


Electrical Design

As a part of our installation services, Your local Salford electrician is happy to discuss the requirements and the desired outcome of your project, as well as reviewing your existing installations in the process.

Work meeting

Cost Planning

We’re aware that businesses have budgets so as a part of our installation services, Commercial Electricians Salford are happy to help with your budget planning, finding alternative solutions in order to reduce costs.

Renewable Energy

To be more energy efficient is to utilize renewable energy such as solar panels and integrate them into your overall power management.


Solar Panels together with battery storage will lower your grid usage, lower you energy costs and lessen your carbon footprint.

Commercial EV Charging

EV Charging

Home & Office EV Charging stations. Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels and battery storage.

Electric Vehicles will soon out sell vehicles that use fossil fuels. EV Chargers are needed to supply this demand, home or office.

Then we can help.

Local Electrician Salford

  • NICEIC Commercial Electrician Salford domestic installation
    NICEIC Commercial Electricians Salford commercial installation
    NICEIC Commercial Electrician Salford industrial installation
    NICEIC Commercial Electricians Salford construction site 110v
    NICEIC Commercial Electrician Salford design specialists
    NICEIC Commercial Electricians Salford maintenance contracts
    NICEIC Commercial Electrician Salford fire alarm installations
    NICEIC Commercial Electricians Salford test & inspection
    NICEIC Commercial Electrician Salford periodic inspections
    NICEIC Commercial Electricians Salford EICR
    NICEIC Commercial Electrician Salford power & lighting
    NICEIC Commercial Electricians Salford fuse-board change
    NICEIC Commercial Electrician Salford refurbs & alterations
    NICEIC Commercial Electricians Salford mains distribution 400-230v
    NICEIC Commercial Electrician Salford power distribution 400v & 230v
    NICEIC Commercial Electricians Salford cable management systems
    NICEIC Commercial Electrician Salford lighting systems and controls
    NICEIC Commercial Electricians Salford emergency lighting systems
    NICEIC Commercial Electrician Salford Led conversions
    NICEIC Commercial Electricians Salford structured network cabling

1. Commercial Installations: Power your workspace with our top-tier commercial installations, ensuring safety, efficiency, and regulatory compliance.

2. NICEIC Services: As an NICEIC approved contractor, we adhere to the highest standards of safety and competency in our electrical installations.

3. LED Lighting & Conversions: Experience the transformative power of LED with energy-efficient, long-lasting lighting solutions.

4. Energy Management: Optimize your energy use, cut down on costs, and embrace sustainability with our energy management services.

5. Solar Services: Harness the power of the sun with our renewable, clean energy solutions.

6. Battery Solutions: Store energy smartly and use it when you need it most with our advanced battery solutions.

7. EV Chargers: Join the electric vehicle revolution with our EV Charger installation services.

A Guide to EICR Fixed Wire Testing and Certification also known as an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), checks that your electrical installations or circuits conform to the latest wiring regulations, in order to ensure you are compliant with relevant workplace safety legislation. The frequency of testing is specified in the latest version of the IET Wiring Regulations (currently BS7671:2018) and is determined by: ​ The type of installation How often it is used The external influences or environment to which the electrical installation is exposed. ​ For many commercial businesses, an EICR, which used to be called a periodic testing report, will be required at the lowest frequency interval – every 5 Years. However, higher risk environments will require 3 Yearly or even more frequent testing. It should be noted that all stated periods are maximum intervals. Deterioration of the installation may indicate a need to reduce the interval between testing and a commercial EICR report. 5 Year Fixed Wire Testing Most standard workplace environments need an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) to be produced at least every 5 years. However, there should be regular routine inspections conducted at least annually. Typical workplaces which require 5 Yearly Fixed Wire Testing include: ​ Commercial spaces such as offices and retail outlets Hotels and restaurants (excluding spa hotels) Schools, colleges and universities Laboratories Community centres, churches and public houses Care homes and hospitals (excluding medical locations 3 Year or 1 Year Fixed Wire Testing Environments which, for example, are exposed to moisture, dust, extreme temperatures or which are open to the general public constitute a higher risk and therefore require more frequent testing. These workplaces require testing every 1 -3 years, with more frequent routine inspections also required. Typical workplaces or environments which require 3 or 1 year Fixed Wire Testing include: ​ Spa hotels and leisure centres – 3 years Industrial Units – 3 years Theatres and places of public entertainment – 3 years Caravans – 3 years Cinemas – 1 year (front of house), 3 years (back of house) Agricultural or horticultural establishments – 3 years Medical locations in hospitals or clinics – 1 year Swimming pools and saunas – 1 year Caravan Parks and Marinas – 1 year Fish Farms, Laundrettes, Petrol Stations – 1 year Your Local Salford electrician

Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICRs): Thorough Evaluations for Safety and Compliance Conducting comprehensive assessments of existing electrical installations, our Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICRs) ensure the highest standards of safety and compliance are met.


Electrical Testing: Validation for Functionality and Safety Assurance Our Electrical Testing services involve rigorous validation of electrical systems, identifying issues, ensuring functionality, and prioritizing safety for seamless operations. By Your Salford electrician


NICEIC Certificate: Industry-Approved Electrical Certification We provide NICEIC approved electrical certificates, a testament to our compliance with industry standards and commitment to delivering electrical solutions of the highest calibre.


Commercial EICR: Tailored Inspections for Commercial and Industrial Properties Specialized inspections designed for commercial and industrial properties, our Commercial EICRs prioritize safety and compliance, addressing the unique needs of diverse business environments.


Emergency Lighting Testing: Ensuring Emergency Lighting Safety and Compliance Our Emergency Lighting Testing services include thorough assessments and NICEIC certification to guarantee the safety and compliance of emergency lighting systems.


Fire Alarm Testing: Evaluation and Certification for Optimal Fire Safety We conduct meticulous evaluations of fire alarm systems, providing NICEIC certificate to ensure these critical safety components function as intended.


Data Cabling Certification: Ensuring Precision and Industry Compliance Our Data Cabling Certification services focus on verifying correct installations and adherence to industry standards for seamless data connectivity.


Periodic Inspection and Testing: Sustaining Safety and Compliance Over Time Regular assessments of electrical installations ensure ongoing safety and compliance, reinforcing the longevity and reliability of electrical systems.


Electrical Repairs and Remediation: Swift Identification and Resolution of Electrical Faults Identifying and rectifying electrical faults promptly, our Electrical Repairs and Remediation services prioritize continuous safety and functionality.


Energy Efficiency Audits: Strategies for Enhanced Electrical Efficiency Our Energy Efficiency Audits assess electrical systems, providing recommendations for improvements that contribute to overall energy efficiency.


Thermal Imaging Surveys: Advanced Detection of Electrical Issues Using cutting-edge thermal imaging technology, our surveys identify potential electrical issues such as overheating or faults for proactive resolution.


Risk Assessments: Holistic Evaluations for Hazard Mitigation Conducting thorough risk assessments, we identify potential hazards in electrical systems and develop strategies to mitigate risks effectively.


Consultation and Advisory Services: Expert Guidance on Safety, Compliance, and Efficiency Offering expert advice, our Consultation and Advisory Services cover various aspects of electrical safety, compliance, and efficiency for informed decision-making.


Documentation and Compliance Management: Assistance in Regulatory Compliance Your local Salford electrician supports clients in maintaining accurate records and documentation, ensuring seamless compliance with regulatory standards.


Maintenance Contracts: Long-Term Reliability and Safety Assurance Our Maintenance Contracts offer ongoing services to ensure the sustained reliability and safety of electrical systems over the long term.

Electrical Inspectors
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